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January 1, 2018

THE MATA ORTIZ CALENDAR OF EVENTS  attempts to track anything of note relating to the attractions of northwest Chihuahua, its archaeology, history, and cultural diversity (Mexican, Mormon, Mennonite, Tarahumara), with major emphasis on the Municipio of Casas Grandes and the ceramic art and artists of Mata Ortiz. We trust you will find it easy to navigate using the category links on the left.

The entire Calendar is updated quarterly (January, April, July, October) and the date of update is shown at the top of the page. Information received between updates will be found on the category link called “Breaking News.” Be aware that there is a scroll bar within the site page itself.

As a supplement to the Calendar, we also have a Facebook page. This will be used primarily for photographs of events and last minute announcements. If you are on Facebook, like us at Mata Ortiz Calendar and you will receive notices when we have added material. If you’re don’t use Facebook, you can visit our page at:



Note that for security purposes, email addresses are shown with [at] in place of the symbol @. As a rule, however, these need not be manually converted; when clicking on them, many will convert automatically to a normal email address containing the @ symbol.

Note that new or corrected items in this update appear in red. Alerts or items of importance will also appear in red.

We depend on our readers to alert us to items of interest for the Calendar. You are our eyes and ears. If something is rumored, we’ll take responsibility for checking it out. Don’t assume we know anything! We invite criticism, questions, subjects for editorials, letters to the editors, and anything else you might think of. 

ALERT – There has been a change in the requirements for importing a vehicle into Mexico. A deposit is now required that will be forfeited even if you return a day late. Go to the “Traveling To The Village” page and scroll down near the bottom to Border Compliance to learn the details.


The on-line Calendar was started in 1997 by Spencer H. MacCallum and maintained by the MacCallums until September 2011.

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