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July 1, 2017


Exhibitions and Scheduled Events


Here we track, first, exhibitions and then other kinds of scheduled

events. At the end, as a historic record and for convenient reference,

we list previous exhibitions and events from this and previous years.


Current and Coming Exhibitions



GENESEO, NY:  Ongoing

            The School of Performing Arts, State University of New York (SUNY) Geneseo, has in the lobby of Brogie Hall on Park Street a permanent exhibition of 130 pieces of Mata Ortiz pottery art from the private collection of musician Alan Case. The collection contains some earlier work but mainly pieces from the mid 1990s. Contact Alan Case (585-243-4616) by phone or, best, by email at case[at]geneseo.edu


DRAGOON, AZ: Ongoing

            The Amerind Foundation installed in June, 2006 a permanent exhibit of prehistoric Paquimé ceramics juxtaposed with those of contemporary Mata Ortiz. In February, 2014, the exhibit was expanded to include several examples of current work by some of the village’s outstanding younger artists. In an unforgettable desert setting in Dragoon, Arizona 15 miles east of Benson, the Amerind offers two outstanding museums, one of anthropology and the other of fine art. In 1959-1962, the Amerind, under Dr. Charles C. Di Peso, led the excavations at Paquimé, and Dr. DiPeso was later the first major booster of the Mata Ortiz pottery project. Phone (520-586-3666), The Amerind Foundation, Dragoon AZ 85609. www.amerind.org


SAN DIEGO, CA: Ongoing

          Mata Ortiz to You is a proud sponsor of the new exhibit "From the Vault: Rare Artifacts with Fascinating Stories" which recently opened at the Museum of Man.


EL PASO, TX: Paquimé Exhibition

The exhibit, “Paquimé and the Casas Grandes Culture,” opened at the El Paso Museum of Archaeology, 4301 Transmountain Road, on Saturday May 20th and runs through October 21. The exhibit is free and is open 9-5 Tue-Sat and closed Sun-Mon. Complimenting the exhibit in the auditorium will be photographs of three petroglyph sites in the Casas Grandes area.

The follow exhibit description is from the El Paso Times:


The Paquimé ruins are recognized as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

“The Casas Grandes culture is renowned for having produced some of the finest and most accomplished geometric pottery of the Pre-Columbian world,” the release states. “This exhibition affords a wonderful opportunity to view many examples of this famous, visually-pleasing pottery. Indeed, the collection of Casas Grandes pottery held at the El Paso Museum of Archaeology is possibly one of the largest in the Southwest and many pieces from the Naylor Collection, donated a few years ago, will display for the first time.”

Information: 915-755-4332 or archaeology.elpasotexas.gov




Scheduled Events


July 29 & 30, 2017


Dragoon, AZ: Pottery Show


Ron and Vicki Sullivan are hosting master potter Jerardo Tena and his wife Norma Hernandez at the 8th Annual Garlic Festival at The Triangle T Guest Ranch (4190 E. Dragoon Road) in Dragoon, Arizona.  The pottery show will be inside one of the Guest Ranch cabins from 10am to 4pm each day.


To reach the Triangle T, travel east of Benson on I-10 to Texas Canyon and turn at exit 318. The Garlic Festival will have live bands, entertainment, craft booths, and a local farmers’ market. For more information on the pottery show, contact the Sullivans at 520-207-7691.



September 25-28, 2017: Amerind Museum tour of Paquimé, Mata Ortiz, and Valley of the Caves – see Classes and Tours page


October 6-8, 2017


Mata Ortiz, Chih, MX: Gathering of the Friends of Mata Ortiz


The 21st Gathering (La Junta) of the Friends of Mata Ortiz will take place over the second weekend in October. This event normally includes a field trip, fiestas, and presentations on regional history, archaeology, and pottery. While not officially part of the event, an all day of hiking and exploration in the El Willy area will take place on the Thursday before La Junta. For more information, or if you haven’t received an invitation by early August, contact Walter Parks: wparks909[at]charter.net


Two companies will be providing transportation to the Gathering, Fiesta Tours International from Tucson and Aventierra Experiences from Albuquerque. Contact them for details: fiestatoursint[at]gmail.com (520-398-9707) and aventierra.experiences[at]gmail.com (505-437-1444).




November 17-19, 2017   


SAHUARITA, AZ: Pottery, Jewelry, and Weaving Show


Victoria Martino (Modern Mata Ortiz) and Ron & Vicki Sullivan will sponsor a Mata Ortiz pottery and sherd/Taxco silver jewelry show at the Quail Creek Kino Conference Center (1490 East Quail Range Loop) in Sahuarita. The featured artists are Mata Ortiz potters Martin Cota and the Quezada family.  Master Oaxacan weaver Porfirio Gutierrez will be there with demonstrations and rugs for sale.






Tucson Area, Arizona: On-going Pottery Sales


If you live in the Tucson area and you’re looking for a reliable location to purchase Mata Ortiz pottery at a good price, then Ron & Viki Sullivan can certainly assist you. They sell pottery the year round and two different venues. You can find them in Tucson on Saturdays at the St. Philips Farmers Market (southeast corner of Campbell & River Road) April-October (8-12) and November-March (9-1). In Green Valley, they set up on Wednesdays at the Farmers Market (I-19 & Esperanza Blvd.) May-September (8:30-12:30) and October-April (10-2). For more information and to verify the schedule, email the Sullivans at ron.vicki.sullivan[at]gmail.com.



The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz


Check out Scott Peterson’s website for showings of his award winning film in your area.  http://www.MataOrtizMovie.com




Note:  Not posted with the dedicated Mata Ortiz tours listed in smaller type above are many Copper Canyon tours that either begin or end with a day in Casas Grandes, which day may or may not include a quick visit to Mata Ortiz. Copper Canyon tours ending with a day in Casas Grandes give participants an opportunity to leave the tour at this point and spend some days in this area to know it better. Those tours beginning with a day in Casas Grandes give participants an opportunity to join here after visiting some days in the area. These additional tours are shown at the end of the section “Classes & Tours.”


ALERT ALERT:  Always confirm dates of events before finalizing plans to attend. Kindly alert us (520-744-2243), to mistakes or changes.



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The Calendar maintains records of previous exhibitions and events. Contact us if you need any of this information.